McMenamin Irish Dance Academy

Dance Classes

Beginner classes start this spring, summer and fall.

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School Philosophy

Established to promote Irish heritage as well as national and international sports competition, McMenamin Irish Dance Academy requires no auditions or qualifiers. The only prerequisite is the student’s interest to learn Irish dance.

Dance Levels


A dancer who has never had any Irish Dance Training. In this level the students will learn basic form along with the Jig and Reel.

Advance Beginner

The dancers learn the Slip Jig, Traditional Hornpipe and Traditional Treble Jig along with learning new steps in the Jig and Reel.


The student’s progress to harder material still working on form and technique. At this level the students learn the slow hornpipe and treble jig.

Open Solo

The Dancers has now qualified for the regional championships. Here they dancer will learn the Reel, Slip Jig, Slow Hornpipe, Treble Jig, and a Set Dance.

Preliminary Championship and Championship

Here the dancers train for National and World level Competition.

Performance and Competition Attire


Girls wear the school skirt & vest with white blouse. Boys wear black pants, shirt, and tie.

Advance Beginner and Novice

Girls wear the McMenamin Irish Dance Academy Dress; boys wear black pants, shirt, and tie.

Open Solo & Championship Classes

Girls wear their solo dress and boys wear solo tie and vest with black pants. Aine McMenamin – Johnson will approve all solo attire.